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During my time with the City of Waukee, I have:

  • Reduced the property tax levy four times

  • Helped bring retail and entertainment opportunities to Waukee

  • Supported economic development, including Downtown Business Revitalization and Business Retention plans

  • Fostered strategic conversations on housing, sustainability, infrastructure

  • Promoted affordable housing solutions

  • Formed strong Metro and Iowa partnerships to represent Waukee’s interests

    • Serve as Vice Chair of Mid-Iowa Area League of Governments

    • Finance Committee of Metropolitan Planning Organization

    • Governance Committee of Capital Crossroads

    • Steering Committee of Capital Crossroads 3.0

    • Executive Board and Education Committees for Iowa League of Cities

    • Executive Board of Iowa Mayors Association

  • Implemented succession planning for the City leadership

  • Overseen efforts for Master Plans for Streets, Trails, Neighborhood Design

  • Advocated for enhanced sustainability and green space maintenance

  • Lobbied for increased grants to support infrastructure

  • Enhanced ability to address mental health crises through Crisis Intervention Team

  • Led discussions on civility in governance throughout the Metro


Waukee has grown very quickly to become the 5th largest metro community. That growth has clearly resulted in some growing pains – traffic, infrastructure development, an inundated school district. It would be tempting to focus on what is right in front of us this year.


But my experience has taught me that when you focus everything on the immediate problem, you either create more challenges in the future… or you miss opportunities to lead. It’s not enough to focus on one issue, one neighborhood, or just one year.


These are the key areas that will continue to strengthen
Waukee into the future:


Build and Revitalize Hometown Centers

We are proud to live here in Waukee, and want our children to be proud to call Waukee their “hometown”. We can create connections and community engagement through focusing on multiple “hometown centers” – the Downtown Triangle, Kettlestone, Waukee Towne Center, the Northwest neighborhood, and more. Our opportunities include neighborhood revitalization, community-focused and planned development, green spaces, community events, and more.


Diversify Housing and Job Opportunities

We have added job diversity over the last few years and are continuing to, including major heathcare facilities and entertainment venues. Waukee will continue to grow and transition into an economic engine. But we do not yet have the diversity of jobs or housing needed for our citizens. In the last year, several businesses have had to delay opening due to labor shortages. And some of our workforce can’t find a place to live in Waukee due to a shortage of options. We have businesses with not enough employees and employees with very few housing options. To continue to thrive, we need to address these challenges strategically and proactively.


Enhance Quality of Life through Connections

We can foster partnerships to continue to enhance the quality of life for Waukee. Here are a few examples we’ve already achieved:

  • We have worked with two neighboring communities to create a three-city trail and greenspace amenity that also enhances Waukee’s sewer connections.

  • We have partnered with developers and others to identify land for maintaining greenspace and improving stormwater management through Waukee.

  • We have led in public safety by establishing a Crisis Intervention Team to help improve mental health-based interactions and have worked with neighboring cities to make this a regional approach.

  • We established emergency financial support funds to help keep residents in their homes during COVID and partnered with local nonprofits to help distribute them.


And we can do more.

I’d love to hear from you! Are these areas you would like to see Waukee focus on? Are there others that you think are important?

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