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 for Mayor of Waukee

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Strong Leadership for Waukee's Future.


Born and raised in Iowa, my husband and I have chosen to raise our four children here in Waukee. We love this community, the neighborhoods, the excellent schools, and the community events. As any parent knows - communication, patience, balance, and time management are critical skills or none of us would ever get out the door in the morning. I bring these skills to City Council today, and would continue to bring them as mayor.


Our Waukee community has helped provide the “village” to raise our children, and we are committed to giving back and helping foster a strong community for all of Waukee's residents.

Business Leader

Business Leader

I help run an institutional investment firm. In working my way up the ladder, I’ve learned long-term thinking, dedication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Through our long-term planning, I have helped my firm execute on decade-long strategies, which is important in planning for the growth of a city like Waukee. I also know there are always ways to address problems, and I’ve built collaborations both across my firm and outside my company to help create solutions.


When I see problems or challenges, I don’t respond that “someone else should fix it.” Instead, I dig in, focusing on “how we can all work together to overcome this hurdle.”

Community Advocate

I’ve been called to serve. I’ve served as a Councilmember for two years, but long before that, serving my neighbors, my community and all Iowans has been core to who I am. I am a member of the Iowa Child Advocacy Board, which helps Iowa’s children navigate the foster care system. I serve on mission teams at our church, focused on meeting the immediate housing and food needs of families within our community. And I serve as a board member for the Iowa Workforce Development Region 11 CEO Board, focused on creating employment opportunities for all Iowans.

Through all of these roles, I’ve brought groups together to learn from each other and create partnerships focused on solving problems.

Community Advocate
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