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Courtney Clarke Mayor of Waukee

Vote November 7, 2023

Strong Leadership for Waukee



Born and raised in Iowa, my husband and I have chosen to raise our four children here in Waukee. We love this community, the neighborhoods, the excellent schools, and the community events. As any parent knows - communication, patience, balance, and time management are critical skills or none of us would ever get out the door in the morning. I bring these skills as Mayor of Waukee.


Our Waukee community has helped provide the “village” to raise our children, and we are committed to giving back and helping foster a strong community for all of Waukee's residents.

Civic Leader

Civic Leader

In my time as Mayor of Waukee, I’ve been recognized for my leadership throughout the Metro. I’ve been asked to serve in the leadership of the Mid-Iowa Area League of Governments, on the Finance Committee for the Metropolitan Planning Organization, on the Steering Committee for Capital Crossroads 3.0, and on the Executive Board of both the Iowa League of Cities and the Iowa Mayors Association. Waukee is recognized for how well our Council works together, not allowing politics to impede progress.


When I see problems or challenges, I dig in, focusing on how we can all work together to overcome any hurdle.

Financial Professional

Financial Professional

I have helped oversee the financial outcomes for institutions for 20 years. In my day job, I help insurance companies, nonprofits, and public entities plan for the future, build strong financial portfolios, align funding with their goals, and solve problems to meet their needs.


I have brought these same skills to Waukee, helping to plan for the future, fostering solutions, and maintaining a strong financial profile.

Community Advocate

Community Advocate

I feel called to serve. While I’ve served in City government for six years advocating for my neighbors and all our residents, I have served my community and state long before that. I am a member of the Iowa Child Advocacy Board, serving children in the foster care system statewide, and I have served on mission teams to serve children here in the Metro and abroad.


Through all of these roles, I’ve remained focused on service to others, and created partnerships to solve problems.

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